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We are leading and professional manufacturer and exporter of clary sage essential oil. Mostly Clary sage essential oil is helpful in middle age person. You can’t believe that its fight clearly against anxiety. Shop here pure and only natural class of aromatherapy oil with us.


Clary sage is extracted bye the mode of steam distillation of flowering tops.



  • It is helpful for the oil of massage where you may also dilute in the bath water for refreshing your body.
  • It is helpful to mix with the cosmetic products like that in lotion of cream etc. It is sedative, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antiseptic etc.
  • A purified and standard class of Clary sage oil is useful in the condition like spasm, digestive problem, and respiratory, 
  •  The oil is also used for minor, depression, nervousness, sore throat, aches and pain etc.
  • It contains suitable hormone that regulate your hormonal behave resulting in its use for moderating PMS symptoms.