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Appearance Yellowish to greenish liquid
Mode of Extraction Steam Distillation
Organoleptic properties Aromatic

Basil Oil offered by us is of high quality. It is very effective in treating health problems like nausea, motion sickness, indigestion, constipation, respiratory problems, diabetes, etc.

This oil helps in treating cold, anxiety, infection, flatulence, fatigue, insect bites and repellent, sinus infection, bronchitis, coughs, depression, abrasions, whooping cough. It also finds application in industries like perfume, cosmetic, soap production, food, medical etc.


  • Botanical Name: Ocimum basilica
  • Origin: India
  • Main Constituents: Linalool, Methyl chavicol, eugenol, a-pinene,b-pinene
  • Description: Clear Transparent Liquid
  • Specific Gravity at 20 °C: 0.905-0.930
  • Solubility: Almost insole in water; so in 2 vols 80% alcohol; miscible with ether, chloroform
  • Storage: Well closed in air tight containers away from sunlight and heat preferably in amber color glass containers.